Take the “Maybe” out of your Mortgage!


❌Credit standards are tightening ❌
❌ Many banks are less likely to approve your loan ❌
❌ Many lenders are increasing their rates ❌
❌ New Customers get looked after better than existing customers ❌


✅Your Broker is available to you outside of normal business hours ✅
✅ We deal with over 30 Lenders, giving YOU options ✅
✅ Your Broker is your contact – no call centres ✅
✅ 32+ years of supporting Tasmanians ✅

Anybody who watches the news, reads the paper or has recently applied for finance knows… Banks are becoming more difficult to deal with AND many lenders are no longer willing to take on clients with unique circumstances.

As we progress through 2019 this is only going to get worse, with CCR (Comprehensive Credit Reporting) and new rules around how credit cards affect applications (stay tuned for more information on these hot topics!).

Another way of looking at this is the supplier (the bank) is choosing their customers (you). We flip that around -the way it should be- and make the banks compete for your business.

According to Deloitte Economics, in a report recently released by the MFAA Industry Body for Brokers, in the September quarter of 2017 55.7% of mortgage loans originated from a Broker. It is our belief, that as finance becomes more difficult to attain, this number will grow considerably as more people are realising that the banks they have been loyal too for many years are no longer loyal to them.

Every bank has its own policy, its own targets and its own preferred clients. We make sure that your application is aligned with a lender who is most likely to approve you for the finance you need.

If you are sick of call centres, tired of being asked the same questions and over being told “no”… maybe it’s time to flip the way you deal with banks and take the power back.

Get a broker who will represent you and take the hassle out of your finances. Call Finance Brokers of Tasmania for an obligation free consultation today and get the support and respect you deserve.