– Renovate, Invest, Consolidate, Holiday & Save NOW
– Hobart residential property prices have risen by 15.5% (Jun 17-Jun 18)
– Launceston residential property prices have risen by 11.4%
– Devonport/Burnie residential property prices have risen by 11.1%
– Average price of a residential dwelling in Australia is $686,200
– Refinancing can unlock the equity in your home for a variety of worthy purposes!
– Our skilled brokers can often IMPROVE your current interest rate!
Have you ever thought of refinancing your home? Or have you heard of a family member or friend benefiting from a refinance? Coming off the back of recent (and significant!) equity growth in Tasmania, odds are that if you have owned property for more than 2 years you may have equity that can be utilised to improve your interest rate or utilise the additional funds to make your new year goals a reality.
Refinancing, like any financial decision, has both its advantages and its disadvantages. In order to make sure you make the most of your situation its important that you consult your Broker who can help you reduce any risks that you might be exposing yourself too. Who better to speak with than the Team at Finance Brokers – where we have collectively more than 200 years of experience in house.
Advantages & Benefits
– Reducing your monthly payments
– Improving upon your interest rate
– Debt Consolidation opportunity
– Equity for any worthwhile use
– Change to a lender you prefer
Disadvantages & Risks
– Increasing your existing debt
– Potential to increase total interest
– Poor valuation on your property
– Extending the term of your loan
– Excessive fees and charges
Whilst refinancing can be a great opportunity to get a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions it is vital that you consult a professional before you go making any significant decisions.
If you are interested in learning more we invite you to reach out for an obligation and cost free initial consultation – send us an enquiry via our website, social media or you can reach our team on (03) 6431 0289 (Burnie), (03) 6334 0883 (Launceston) or (03) 6224 4402 (Hobart).
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