Jo Hewson Finance Brokers Tasmania

Joanna Hewson

Business Manager | Launceston

With a background in financial planning, having owned her own business and been involved in the finance industry for many years, we convinced Jo to come and work with us after officially retiring (Thanks, Jo!).

Jo is passionate that everyone achieves the best possible outcome for their finance. She is committed to ensuring that policies & procedures are strictly adhered to, and the smooth running of the business is essential.

Jo is involved in numerous organisations and charities and enjoys mentoring through the e-beacon MyRoad program, coaching female high school students transitioning from school to work life.

She was part of The Vibrancy Project which saw her speaking with businesses regarding the importance of financial planning. Jo was the inaugural ambassador for the League of Extraordinary Women in Tasmania and was proud to promote the entrepreneurial women of Tasmania. In 2016, she was nominated for the Telstra Women’s Business Awards and loves seeing strong, independent women smash their goals.

We are so thankful that Jo agreed to work with us. As her professionalism, experience, and guidance has helped FBT to be what it is today - we promise we will let you retire soon!

Outside of work, Jo has a beautiful family spread out across Australia and loves travelling to spend time with them and her family here in Tasmania.

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