Brand Ambassador – Jake Birtwhistle

Wednesday 19 August, 2020

We are proud to announce International Triathlete, Jake Birtwhistle, as a brand ambassador for Finance Brokers Tasmania.

We first met Jake back in 2018 when he enlisted us to help us with his home loan. Like any goal, purchasing a first home can be daunting and seem out of reach. Financial freedom takes planning, preparation and hard work, but with the right team this journey can be an enjoyable one. Our team worked with Jake to provide the tools and support needed for success.

Our campaign focuses on your journey, your goals and your team. Much like athletic training, obtaining a loan requires planning, preparation, support and the right team of mentors in order to achieve an end goal.

Whatever your goals are – home ownership, business success, a desirable lifestyle – Finance Brokers Tasmania will assist you to reach them.

You can read more about Jake’s journey below!

“Lance and the team at Finance Brokers Tasmania made the process of buying my home a breeze. With the pressures of training and competing overseas, I entrusted Lance and the Finance Brokers team with managing the whole process from start to finish. They secured me a great deal on my loan and continue to support me whenever needed. I highly recommend Finance Brokers Tasmania to anyone looking for a loan.” Jake Birtwhistle

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